Modern Day Slavery Conference

The West Midlands Anti Slavery Network

in partnership with

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

OPCC Victims Commission 

West Midlands Police



invite you to a one day conference on 

18th October 2016 – Anti Slavery Day

MODERN SLAVERY – The Victim’s Journey

The Victims Journey is intended to to provide an insight into the journey of a victim from the point of contact with the trafficker, through to their rescue and aftercare provisions provided by partners within the West Midlands Anti Slavery Network in the West Midlands. It will highlight gaps in provision and how we may all address these by working in partnership, enhancing awareness/training and sharing information.

This conference is aimed at all organisations that may encounter victims in their day to day work. This  includes First Responders of the National Referral Mechanism including Local Authorities and Police. It is also aimed at the NHS, Health Trusts, Fire Service, Ambulance Services, Adult and Child Safeguarding Boards and Third Sector organisations.

It will also be of huge value to Business and Industry and the role they have in terms of working in partnership to eradicate modern slavery and labour exploration in the West Midlands.

All the speakers will have first hand experience of working with victims and give an insight into their plight and trauma that cannot be ignored and will inspire us to work together in partnership to eradicate slavery in the West Midlands.

The day promises to be impactive and will equip you with the tools to better support victims and tackle perpetrators.

Come and join us and let’s do all we can to prevent this abusive and barbaric practice.

 Click on the link below to register and use password:victimsjourney

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