Reach for the Stars

Dudley Staff, Volunteers, Councillors  and  Residents recently came together to produce a DVD to demonstrate that anything can be achieved when we have a simple shared vision.

Change will only occur when we are willing to reach outside our comfort zone. Now we have anything is possible when working to make the lives of children and young people better!

A huge thank you to Phase Trust for supporting this project and producing the DVD and in particular to Rebs and Sam for expertly choreographing, filming and editing the whole production.  Thank you to to everyone who gave up their time and got involved

Here it is enjoy!

Reach for the Stars for our young people

6 thoughts on “Reach for the Stars

  1. The Councillors who starred in this epic production are available for weddings funerals and barmitz’s.
    I too salute the work that goes on in the Dudley Borough to support our children. Our future is in their hands

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