Merry Christmas to you all


Dear Friends and Colleagues

This comes as my last task of 2016 and yet again provides me with a space to reflect the work that we have all been involved in during 2016.

The CYPF Network has really established its self this year,  we have said hello to many new faces,  invited many more to come and share with us and you are all getting much better at following this blog!, it is always a joy to see a new name sign up knowing that you are getting the local, regional and national information you need to support you and keep you connected.

I am really proud of Working Together For Change- Dudley Parent Carer Forum and honoured to be able to work with such vibrant strong and caring parent carers, You are all making such a difference to the lives of families living with SEND.

The Voice of the Child has been a big part of my role this year and it is only with the contribution of so many officers from across the partnership and the young people themselves that all that has been achieved has been possible. Through all of this hard work we will be able to hear and act upon those young voices much more in 2017.

There have been ups and downs for you all and we know that 2017 will be no different but it is reassuring to know that I have the best possible job because I get to work with you amazing people!! you are creative, have an abundance of energy and a unrelenting desire to improve the lives of the children and young people of Dudley. For this I salute you all.

My final reflection comes with the love and thanks I would like to offer to a few people who continue to make me laugh, encourage me and who without I wouldn’t be able to fullfil this role, You know who you are and I THANK YOU!

I wish you all a season of peace, love, good cheer and merriment!

Can’t wait to do it all again in 2017





DFE SEN Tender Opportunities

The Department for Education has published seven Invitations to Tender for contracts to support special educational needs (SEN) and disability in 2017-18.

The seven contracts will provide total funding of up to £4,812,000 in 2017-18.  They are open to voluntary and community sector organisations, social enterprises and others bidding on a not-for-profit basis.

Information can be found on the Contracts Finder website (

The Invitations to Tender cover:

Contract to improve access to employment for young people with special educational needs and disabilities

Contract to improve support and inclusion of children and young people with autism

Support for children and young people with additional needs in speech, language and communication skills

Contract to provide delivery support to local areas in embedding reforms to services for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities

Contract to provide professional policy advice to the Department for Education on implementation of the special educational needs and disability (SEND) reforms

Support for children and young people with physical disabilities

Contract to provide strategic support to the Department for Education in embedding reforms to the special educational needs and disability (SEND) system

Proposals should be submitted to the Department by 10am on Monday 30 January 2017.

Questions about the process can be submitted until 9 January 2017 to  Answers to all questions will be available on Contracts Finder by 16 January 2017.  We will not be able to answer any questions that are received after 9 January 2017.

Welcome to the world of Chatterbox!

Chatterbox is an exciting new virtual online platform created for staff and volunteers in Dudley

It’s a great place to share:-

  • Top tips for gathering the voice of children
  • Creative ways you engage children & young people
  • Anonymised data
  • Great ideas from other areas across the country
  • Consultations you are undertaking
  • Information about what your planning and ask others to get involved
  • Resources
  • Evidence of young people getting involved using video, audio and photos
  • Learning

How will you benefit?

  • Learn new skills, tools and tactics to get children and young people involved in personal planning, service design improvement and strategic decision making
  • Find out what everyone’s up to
  • Gather evidence to support your business plans
  • Use information to evidence gaps and need in funding bids
  • Reduce the number of times young people are asked to answer the same questions
  • Stay connected and save time, energy and resources

How do I join?

  • Simple! Email requesting registration link. Adam will send you a salesforce link to sign up. You will have 24 hours to complete registration before a second request would be needed
  • It is a password protected web based product for use by those working in Dudley only that have been fully endorsed by your agencies

Snow Buster Volunteers required

We’re now ready to roll out Dudley’s snow clearance programme involving volunteers within the local community.   Volunteers will be provided with snow packs for use to clear snow from pathways, pavements and public spaces that would not be treated by Dudley MBC.  The programme aims to build community resilience during bad weather and during periods of heavy snow.  Included in the snow pack is a shovel, a spreader, 2.5kg or 5kg bag of salt and a high vis vest.

We are initially looking to work with community and voluntary groups, tenancy and residents associations, neighbourhood watch groups and council departments currently engaging with volunteers to assist with identifying candidates that are confident they can clear snow and are physically able to undertake the activity

I would really appreciate your help with making contact with potential volunteers to sign them up for the scheme and issue a snow pack i.e. do you have distribution lists I can use to circulate some information or meetings I can attend etc etc?

Really appreciate any suggestions If you can help please email

DSCB Domestic Abuse and Impact AwarenessTraining


There are now places available on the forthcoming Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Adults & Families training session to be held on 9th January, Low Hill Community Hub, Wolverhampton.  For further details, please use the link provided to book directly through Wolverhampton LSCB.

DSCB Core Working Together Training


There are now places available on the forthcoming Core Working Together training sessions to be held in January and February.  For further details, please use the link provided.  A booking form is attached for completion and return should you wish to reserve a place on any of these sessions.

Dates and venues are as follows:

10th January, 9.30-4.30 – Pelsall Lane, Walsall

23rd January, 9.30-4.30 – Pelsall Lane, Walsall

2nd February, 9.30-4.30 – Coneygre Arts Centre, Tipton