Snow Buster Volunteers required

We’re now ready to roll out Dudley’s snow clearance programme involving volunteers within the local community.   Volunteers will be provided with snow packs for use to clear snow from pathways, pavements and public spaces that would not be treated by Dudley MBC.  The programme aims to build community resilience during bad weather and during periods of heavy snow.  Included in the snow pack is a shovel, a spreader, 2.5kg or 5kg bag of salt and a high vis vest.

We are initially looking to work with community and voluntary groups, tenancy and residents associations, neighbourhood watch groups and council departments currently engaging with volunteers to assist with identifying candidates that are confident they can clear snow and are physically able to undertake the activity

I would really appreciate your help with making contact with potential volunteers to sign them up for the scheme and issue a snow pack i.e. do you have distribution lists I can use to circulate some information or meetings I can attend etc etc?

Really appreciate any suggestions If you can help please email

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