Happy New Year!!!!


Well my friends and colleagues

I cannot quite believe it is time to wish you all a Happy New Year it seems like only yesterday that I shared with you my reflections for 2016!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas doing what ever made you happiest and now feel invigorated and motivated to do what you do best again in 2017!

As I was preparing for work last night there was a wave of OH THERE IS SOOOOO MUCH TO DO as the to do list flashed before my eyes. My feared  to do list was realised  when I reached by desk today!!  but guess what, my first email of the day was asking 5 busy people to attend a meeting asap,  not only did everyone responded within the hour  but the meeting with all in attendance is tomorrow at 1.  Who could ask for more than that!   So I am now heartened that you are all ready for a year of crazy activity armed with hope and confidence that we can do more of the same great stuff and  together make changes for the better here in Dudley.

Don’t forget to send me anything you want to share amongst our CYPF Network,  the good the bad but preferably not the ugly!!  and remember I am here if there is anything I can help you with.

Take Care and look forward to working with you all soon



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