Happy New Financial Year

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners

Happy New 17/18 financial year.  As we begin this new year some of you will be excited by the opportunities that are ahead for others, as always, there are concerns about what the future holds.  There are very few certainties, however as your supporter and champion you can count on me to continue to involve you all in as many opportunities as possible. I will also continue to keep you updated and informed using as many methods as possible, face to face at the network, by email, twitter, facebook and of course this blog!!.  The network and blog followers continue to grow at pace and recent feedback gives us confidence that you are finding the activity helpful and relevant.

In a bid to remain relevant and useful I have uploaded my Children’s Officer delivery plan for 17/18 so you can view what I have planned to let you have the chance to offer thoughts and feedback.   Dudley CVS – Childrens Officer delivery plan 2017-18

I look forward to seeing you soon…………………………………….

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