Graded Care Profile Training

Neglect remains the most common form of child maltreatment in England and is an important area of focus for DSCB activity during 2016-18.  As part of this focus DCSB has adopted the GCP2 assessment and is offering a one day training programme to enable practitioners to use effectively use the tool.

The GCP2 is a practical tool which supports practitioners in measuring the quality of care delivered to an individual child from an individual carer or carers over a short window of time, and is designed to give a representative overview of the current level of care. The grades are based on observations and good quality evidence gathered during this window. All practitioners using the GCP2 must have attended and passed this licensed training programme.

By the end of the training delegates will:

  1. Understand what neglect is, its impact and why it’s difficult to assess
  2. Understand how GCP2 will help in neglect assessment and case management
  3. Be able to use the GCP2 tool and understand its theoretical underpinning
  4. Analyse a completed assessment
  5. Undertake GCP2 assessments for Dudley

For practitioners who will be undertaking the GCP2 assessment additional training dates have now been allocated. These are listed on the DSCB website: are also available for the shorter briefing sessions on 12th September which are aimed at practitioners and managers who do not undertake assessments but who need to be aware of the GCP2 tool.

To  reserve a place on the briefings or the full day training please complete the application form below and return this to

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