What an honour!

Last week the team attended Dudley’s Centre for Professional Practice’s staff recognition awards at Himley Hall. It was a wonderful event which celebrated the achievements of staff and recognised those that go the extra mile. Staff including support staff, social workers, managers and teams were praised.
There was an incredibly poignant moment when Howard Woolfenden shared a story of how a social worker Russell Savage who was awarded a Special Recognition Award had changed the life of an incredibly vulnerable young person in our borough and how she shared with him how his actions had literally saved her life. It touched everyone in the room and really demonstrated how incredible the people who work hard to support children and young people are and the difference they make in Dudley.
What was also really special and humbling was that the Centre for Professional Practice gave an award that recognised people who work with children and young people in the community and…WE WON!!!!!
Sue Butcher congratulated the team for the work we are involved in. It was really special to be recognised by partners and the award takes pride of place on the fireplace in our office at Dudley CVS.
“This really was a great event particularly coming at the end of our innovative Practice Week. The buzz was fantastic. I laughed, cried and every emotion in between. So many wonderful people doing their best for Dudley’s children. Celebrate #teamDudley” Sue Butcher – Head of Children’s Services
Darren Shaw and his team did an amazing job of providing lots of opportunities to get involved and learn new things as part of the innovative practice week. Children, young people and their families are at the heart of communities in Dudley and we are working together to improve services to give children the best start in life and support families to be independent, responsible and successful. It’s great to be able to collaborate and work with partners in such meaningful and valued ways.

CYIC award

Even though it was ‘dry January’ the award winning team thought that such recognition on a Friday deserved after work celebrations! Happy times from a very proud team!



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