West Midlands Fire/ Combined Authority Consultation


Would you mind taking a few minutes to watch the video link  and complete the consultation please.


As you may already be aware, West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) will be carrying out a public consultation on whether West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) should be run by the WMCA in the future.

The public consultation, starts on 11th January and runs until March the 8th. It follows an independent appraisal of how WMFS is currently run and governed.

This appraisal looked at how a new governance model would impact on the community, deliver improved public services, improve scrutiny, transparency and accountability, while providing value for money.

Following this it was felt the WMCA would be the best option in helping the fire service meet its overarching vision: Making the West Midlands Safer, Stronger and Healthier and meet government expectations of the fire sector and other blue light services.

A scheme outlining the proposed arrangements and responsibilities was then put together which details how the fire service would operate within the Combined Authority and who would be responsible for making decisions. WMCA’s seven constituent local authorities have all approved the scheme for it go to public consultation.

Benefits of moving under the Combined Authority include a more joined up way of working with local authorities, health providers and the police, while having a shared vision for the region. In addition, public services will be delivered at a reduced cost in a more coordinated, integrated and collaborative way.

If the changes were to be agreed, the Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street, would become the single point of accountability for the fire service and the Chief Fire Officer would report directly to the Mayor. A Fire Advisory Committee would advise and support the Mayor.

We are committed to maximising engagement levels as much as possible during the public consultation, in order to reach the diverse range of communities which exist across the West Midlands.

  1. The consultation questionnaire and corresponding background documents can be accessed by visiting https://www.wmca.org.uk. Paper copies of the consultation will also be available at a number of public locations, including Civic Offices. It can also be downloaded from the WMCA website.





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