Neglect Training

There are places still available on the Neglect course taking place on 8th June at 1.30pm – 4.30pm, please see below information:
Neglect is an issue that affects a large number of children in the UK. From research, we know that Neglect accounts for approximately 70% of the 144 reviews from 2012 -2015. We also know that; Neglect can be life threatening and needs to be treated with as much urgency as other categories of maltreatment, and Neglect with the most serious outcomes is not confined to the younger children, but can and does occurs across all ages.
Learning from the own local SCR’s we recognise that a key attribute for practitioner’s working with neglect is to ensure a healthy living environment and healthy relationships for children. Prevention and early access to help and support for children and their families are crucial, but so too is later stage help for older children who live with the consequences of longstanding neglect.
The introduction of this basis awareness course ensures practitioners have insight into signs, symptoms and understanding of the need for early interventions and the importance of capturing the voice of the child.
Who is this course for?
This course is for all staff with responsibility for safeguarding children, including education, health, residential, foster carers, youth workers, and all those engage with children and families in any capacity and from any sector or services across the Borough.  
Learning Outcomes:
This course will provide staff across ALL agencies with a shared understanding of neglect and its impact on the safety, wellbeing and development of children, allowing them to:  
·         Recognise the signs and symptoms of neglect
·         Recognise the importance of recording, including capturing and responding to the voice of the child.
·         To understand your professional role in supporting children who have been or may be neglected
·         To understand the importance of early intervention and referral pathways, including the brief overview of the Graded Care Profile (GCP2) assessment tools that has been agreed at a local level to support practitioners to respond to cases of neglect.  
Please note, this introductory course is not suitable for those who have previously completed Graded Care Profile 2 Training.
Should you wish to book a place on this course please complete the attached application form and email

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