CSE Update

The very lovely Nicki Burrows managed to sneak her way back into the network meeting to provide a really useful update on CSE in Dudley borough.


Nicki shared an Infographic which shows what CSE in Dudley Borough looks like at this moment in time. We currently have 85 children known to us that are affected by CSE within the borough. Two of these are females who are at serious risk and who have been placed out of borough for their own benefit, these are young people who are entrenched in CSE and are unable to recognise they are at risk of CSE and cannot see any way to get out of it. We have 12 children at significant risk which is children and young people who are at risk through online safety issues or sharing photos.

CSE is spread right across the borough, we currently have no hotspots within Dudley borough. Work around CSE is being done within schools. Out of 22 secondary schools CSE has been identified in 17 of these, so again spread right across the borough.
The perception of CSE is young girls being picked up by older men and being provided with new expensive gifts, in Dudley this isn’t the picture. We have peer on peer party scene where the exploitation exists. We have children being exploited to have their basic needs met such as food, warmth, clothing, or a place to stay.

We also have young people entrenched that have now turned groomer – obviously children with ACEs are at a vulnerable starting position but this is not always the case.

Screening tool – if you have a concern have a look at the indicators on the screening tool. If you could go through the screening tool with the young person you are concerned about that would be brilliant! you can find the tool here

The CSE team constantly need more intelligence – we have no hotspots in the borough, our young people are often taken out of borough, if you have any intelligence at all complete a FIB partnership form, they are not looking for war and peace just brief details. Once complete type in brackets (no more information available)

If you have any questions you can always contact the team on CSE.team@dudley.gov.uk Or the direct telephone number is: 01384 817777


2 thoughts on “CSE Update

  1. Hi Donna

    Hope you are ok?

    I seem to be missing out on the dates for the CYPF Network meetings. Could you let me know the date of the next meeting please as I would like to attend.

    Many thanks





    • Hey Karen, I am so sorry that you are not getting the dates! I will look into this and make sure you get future dates and information. The next meeting is on Friday 07 December 9:30 at DY1, we would love to see you there, we always love to hear what Top Church Training is up to and you are always an absolute pleasure to spend time with. See you soon x Donna


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