Use of images guidance version 9 February 2019

Referral form to complete in the case of an allegation made about a member of staff or volunteer  DO Referral & Monitoring Form 2015

Latest safeguarding policy example can be found here

Voluntary Sector example ofCHILD_PROTECTION_POLICY__OCTOBER_15


  • pdf
  • Cyberbullying: Advice for headteachers and school staff [pdf / 187KB]All forms of bullying (including cyberbullying) should be handled as a community issue for the whole school. It is important that schools take measures to prevent and tackle bullying among pupils. But it is equally important that schools make it clear that bullying of staff, whether by pupils, parents or colleagues, is unacceptable.

Dudley’s Social Care Threshold Document

Dudley Thresholds Framework Doc (2)

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