Equaliteas Quiz

Amman Ahmed, a youth councillor, organised an event which took place in Gather, last Saturday to share, debate and celebrate 90 years of all men and women over 21 the equal right to vote. This was part of a national event and there is more information here: https://equaliteas.org.uk/
As part of the event he and other members of the youth council organised a quiz – everyone that enters and takes part could win £20 vouchers for any shop in Dudley – it is the winner’s choice!
Please could you support him by taking part in the quiz, which is open to all ages, as well as spreading the link to the questionnaire please? The closing date is on 15th July.
It’s really short and is around equality..
Thank you on behalf of Amman and the other DYC members who supported him to organise the event.

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