2019 – A year of opportunity and growth!

Its that time again when the team get together and plan for the year ahead. When we started this we were blown away by the exciting opportunities that are opening up to us and the work that we get to be part of that we wanted to share some of these with you all.

Firstly our team is growing! We have attracted investment into growing the Children’s team increasing from 1 staff member in 2016 to 6 members of staff with an amazing array of skills and experiences in 2019!

We are also involved in shaping and developing

Cluster Connect – bringing VCOs, statutory and communities together to develop a community offer that tackles local priorities and improve public health outcomes

Care and Share and Parent Carer Forum merge to expand their reach and level the playing field of opportunity via a greater online community for parent carers who are isolated as result of their caring responsibilities.

Establish a Leaders Forum to address challenges in the Early Help and Safeguarding system

Recruitment of a new apprentice Who is passionate about collecting the experiences of young residents who really want to make a difference

Beautifully Young Humans – Inspirational and motivational stories are hosted on IZone to encourage self-development for those seeking help and advice on this site.

Don’t Dis my Ability network formation – championing the inclusivity of VCOS who are dedicated to supporting people with additional needs and disabilities and those who would love to learn how to be more accessible.

If you want to know more about the work we are involved in, or would like to get involved just get in touch and we will happily share the excitement over coffee and cake! We were so thrilled by this coming year that we had to make a short film to spread the excitement! We hope you enjoy it.


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